Israeli shipping and logistics companies under target of Iranian Hackers

According to a report from Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity firm ClearSky, a number of shipping and logistics websites in Israel were breached to collect customer data.

The company has “low confidence” in the Iranian hacker group Tortoiseshell (also identified as TA456 and Imperial Kitten), which is thought to be behind these crimes. In July 2018, the malicious actor made its initial appearance in the wild.

Attacks involving Business Email Compromise (BEC) are continuously on the rise. The FBI reported receiving about 22,000 complaints and a loss of over $2.7 billion as a consequence of such attacks in 2022.

Since at least July 2018, Tortoiseshell has been active, with its initial attacks focusing on Saudi Arabian IT suppliers. Additionally, it has been seen to put up counterfeit employment webpages for former members of the US military in an effort to con them into installing remote access trojans.

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